15 Commits (d166ccf12b38efef854a1a124ef3249005f5657d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  ibu radempa d166ccf12b mailserver: Don't allow shell usage for user mailstore. 4 months ago
  iburadempa 43fd2da518 Add sender rewriting scheme (SRS). 4 months ago
  ibu radempa f24ce8295d Mail system: fix missing relay permission for SASL authenticated clients. 4 months ago
  ibu radempa a900d16b53 Change data models for aliases in mail_system. REQUIRES MANUAL CHANGES TO DATA! 4 months ago
  iburadempa 6604092800 improve README.md 1 year ago
  iburadempa 1155cf510a add LICENSE.txt 1 year ago
  iburadempa e5a8025064 add ansible role journal-postfix (a log parser for Postfix) with playbook and doc 1 year ago
  iburadempa 713372c850 change log level of header check for subject from WARN to INFO 1 year ago
  iburadempa 578b9f4a91 fix VERP marking 1 year ago
  iburadempa b0bc240ee5 mailserver: add VERP marking of outgoing an unmarking of incoming mails 1 year ago
  iburadempa 57de8e095f make quota defaults configurable 1 year ago
  iburadempa b677479ce7 enable long queue id in postfix (useful for uniqueness in log analysis) 1 year ago
  iburadempa 9c2bac3e95 introduce config value to disable reject_sender_login_mismatch in postfix smtpd/submission 1 year ago
  iburadempa 326d43c432 fix wrong Junk destination folder 1 year ago
  iburadempa c0ae983acb clone from private repo 1 year ago