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Obviously, this license is relevant to all who are bound by law.
The licensee ("you") must not be a commercial, military, clerical or
governmental entity. For this license the term "software" means the program
code, documentation as well as other data (for instance, language files).
Subject to the respective terms and conditions described below the licensee
is granted the non-exclusive and non-transferable license to:
A. make copies of the software
B. create derivative works ("modifications")
C. install and run copies or modifications of the software on any number of
servers, thereby making them usable for the licensee and possibly others
D. offer or give copies or modifications of the software, or parts of the
unmodified or modified software to others
For these permissions the respective conditions stated below must be met:
* For permission A condition 1 must be met.
* For permission B all of the conditions 1, 3, 4 must be met.
* For permission C all of the conditions 2, 3 must be met.
* For permission D all of the conditions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 must be met.
These are the conditions:
1. You include this copyright notice and license in any copy or modification.
In files that contain a reference to it you preserve this reference.
2. You do not use this software or any modification of it for any commercial
purpose or for monetary gain, and also not for any military, governmental
or religious purpose; here with commercial purpose we mean activities which
have among their goals to make profit, be it monetary profit or any other
kind of profit that may entail or contribute to monetary profit.
3. Demos or screenshots of the modified or unmodified software must not be
published in any medium which requires the viewers to pay money in order
to see the contents; here money paid for mere internet connectivity (i.e.,
independent of the content supplier) is to be disregarded.
4. You do not impose any further restrictions on this software or any
derivative works beyond those restrictions herein.
5. The copy or modification must include source code, and must allow
distribution in source code as well as compiled form. The source code
must be the preferred form in which a programmer would modify the program.
Deliberately obfuscated source code is not allowed. Intermediate forms
such as the output of a preprocessor or translator are not allowed.
For this license itself, if re-used for other software, the following
copyright and license applies (copyheart license):
♡ Copying is an act of love. Please copy.